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John Burke's Paris 2000
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You should have seen the view from our bedroom window on the previous page.

This was the view looking straight down. Kenny was up bright and early, washing the windows of the coach.

We went for breakfast - French marmalade is either very runny or it was a bit warm! I love croissants but aren't they messy things to eat???

The first item on the itinery is a tour of Paris on the coach and the first stop at the Arc de Triomphe. A subway took us under the busy roundabout.
Napoleon's triumphant archway - for a war he eventually lost - was started by him, but not completed until after his death, upon which it held his ashes for a while until they were laid to rest in the Invalides.

It stands in the centre of a 12-point star paved in red, each of whose rays points down one of the avenues leading to and from it. This wide roundabout is not for the faint-hearted driver. In fact Ken said that no insurer covered damage sustained to a vehicle on it!

Three of the four sculptures on the faces of the arch are shown here. The one above left shows Napoleon as a Roman Emperor.

Left: Dad ignores my camera to take a photo of his own, whilst Fran and Mum are imagining I can get far enough back to show both the entire archway and get them in as well!

Before the archway is France's Grave of the Unknown Soldier with an eternal flame burning in honour.
The red paving of the star can be seen left.

Right: the coach waiting to pick us up again for our next stop.

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