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John Burke's Paris 2000
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The coach dropped us off at L'Opéra and we left the rest of the coach party for a couple of hours on our own.

L'Opéra sits in the centre of an incredible maelstrom of traffic. So many coaches use it as a meeting point that it's a wonder anyone ever finds each other again! But of course they do.

Last year we wandered all the way down to the Louvre - getting sore feet and little time to see anything.

The department store Galeries Lafayette behind L'Opéra has an accessible roof with elevated views over the city.
Inside the store a huge glass dome is surrounded with gold, mosaic and stained glass.
We walked down to the Place Vendôme, where a sculpture exhibition was vying for attraction with Napoleon's column. We passed the little car on the way.

The Place Vendôme is dominated by the column (which you can see on last year's site).

The Place houses top jewellers, fashion houses and the Paris Ritz, seen right.
A couple from the coach window - Joan of Arc, burned alive at the stake in Rouen by clerics collaborating with the English and the Champs-Elysées

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