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John Burke's Paris 2000
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La Place du Tertre in the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur basilica, crowded with artists and tourists.

The centre of the square is a hotch potch of tables and chairs, serviced by restaurants on all sides of the square.

Brightly coloured canopies and table cloths mark out the territories of each of the different establishments.

The Sacré-Coeur basilica is made of Chateau-Landon stone. When it rains the stone releases calcite, bleaching the church white. The hill upon which it stands is the highest spot in Paris and the church is visible from many parts of the city.

Crowds gather on the 237 steps to listen to guitarists or watch mime artists. Whilst we were there they were watching the fire brigade extinguish one of the road trains that take tourists around Montmartre...

Standing on the steps and looking out over the city, you get a real feel for the height of the hill and the city becomes a toy.
At the foot of the hill is a carousel.

For now it's back onto the coach and back to the hotel for a freshen up before our evening meal.

On the left, Paris's Roman ruins.

Right: Tower without a church and the modern face of Paris.

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