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Home of the Bronte Sisters

Haworth has a station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Steam Railway.

This is a working railway museum with both trains and stations preserved as they were in the 1950s and early 60s.

There was no shortage of interested vsitors looking round on this Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.

And as we crossed the roadbridge above the line I saw the smoke from an approaching train, so we waited until it came beneath us.

As soon as the locomotive had passed beneath us, I dashed across the road to photograph the train emerging from the other side of the bridge.

We crossed over the bridge and made our own way down towards the station.

Here, Fran stands in front of the station, still bearing the signs of British Railways, even though that company has long since disappeared.

On the station platform - for which a platform ticket is naturally required. These are dispensed from a ticket machine for 20 pence.

We walked past the station to a small but packed model shop where I spent a pleasant few minutes!

Then it was back over the footbridge from the station in order to climb the hill back up to the village street.

This way back to the village took us through the park.

This and the pictures below are of the window display of the apothecary shop seen above in the photos of a previous visit.

Below there is a close-up of Dr Nelson's Inhaler.

And this is the interior of the apothecary shop. Laden with bottles which originally would have held every sort of potion imaginable.

Outside the shop, the village was as busy as ever.

So busy in fact, that the fish and chip shop just couldn't cope with the demand!

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