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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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30 June 2003
Having arrived back in Riva Del Garda, this is La Rocca, Riva's medieval castle and fortress.
The castle is now a museum, a gallery and a concert venue. As I sat on a bench to sketch it we listened to a concert of film music coming from inside.

If you look in any brochure for Lake Garda you will find a photograph from this viewpoint. It is the one crucial image - like a photograph of Blackpool Tower is crucial to any brochure of Blackpool.

Inside we heard a warning twittering and looked up to see some of the small birds who had shared our food in the cafe had built a nest under the archway.

At another lakeside cafe we were introduced to latte machiatto - warm milk with a shot of espresso poured in.

Right: Venetian glass - Fran decided she wanted some!

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