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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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30 June 2003
After our meal we have a moonlight cruise on the lake. The moon isn't quite out yet but it will be...

We are on a fast boat - Speedy 1.

There is a waterfall inside the cave framed by the archway. Well a trickle anyway - there's not been much rain recently!

This is Limone, where lemons were grown.

There is a summer population of 10,000. This dwindles in winter to a mere one thousand and the entire place closes and is more or less abandoned every winter.
We have a stop off here for an hour or so. This side of the lake is all mountains. The main road and some of the streets of Limone are cut through rock.
There is of course, a fair amount of climbing to do also! We had been told there was a church and for some reason decided to find it.

This is probably a mistake as it is quite a climb and of course it was shut when we reached it...

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