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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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2 July 2003
We are about to embark for a sail on the Venice lagoon.

The water buses clank together in the swell as we wait.

It's a job and a half to keep the throngs of confused tourists off our specially chartered boat!

This was our last close-up look at the main city.

Venice itself is spread over a number of different islands in the lagoon. The Doges Palace is a good example of how the Italians use graphics on the sheeting that covers any scaffolding on important buildings.
Lucille took over the ship's microphone to give the commentary and she was very good.

There were a few moneyed personages in town obviously!

The charter took us back to the industrial estate where we had left the coach.

One chap got seperated from his family and we had to wait whilst he found us...

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