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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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3 July 2003
Thursday, and we are off for a trip in (and up) the Dolomites. First stop is a hotel with an elephant on the roof... huh? Ah - I see! A drinks stop and then a look in the butchers next door!
Hairpin bends will be the order of the day and despite the reflections from the glass, there are some excellent views from the coach.
Ever wondered what the Winter Olympics ski jumps look like in summer?

There was a familiar voice - I turned to see Christina who had been our guide in Amsterdam!

"I take you round the red light district here? " she shouted down the length of a suddenly stunned silent coach...

Cable cars and ski lifts become a common sight!

And sure enough Helenea, our guide for the day, was soon booking tickets for us all to go up the Sass Pordoi.
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