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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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4 July 2003

We are on the coach on the outskirts of Verona.

Some of the guests haven't come as it was raining in Riva.

Right The ruling family of Scaglia, were self-titled "princes".

Their trademark on all their castles were the swallow tails on the castellations.

The courtyard was free but there was a museum inside which was at a cost and we didn't know what sort of things were inside or how long it would take so we didn't go in.
At the side of the castle was this Roman arch, one of the original gates to the Roman city.
It's hard sometimes to come to terms with just how old some of these Roman remains are. Especially when they are in this sort of condition.

This archway is getting on for 2000 years old and was constructed far closer to the life of Christ than to our modern time.

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