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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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4 July 2003

We are in Verona and having had one glimpse of Roman remains we look for the most impressive - the Arena.

As in Venice, we see a photographic screen hiding scaffolding and an advert that takes enjoyment of coffee just a little far...
An earthquake centuries ago destroyed all of the outer wall apart from one tiny piece and the Italians have built right up to that so you can't get a good photo of it! Not that I didn't try, you understand!
Inside the Arena. The stairs perhaps led many a gladiator to his final glimpse of sunlight - like the chap right...

"Watch that trident - whoopsy! Fetch some sawdust..."

Out into the Arena itself.

I climbed right to the top. Fran is pointed out - she wasn't too keen on the quite high steps!

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