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About John Burke
John has a large collection of web pages featuring places in England, including small villages, places of historical or mystical significance and holiday destinations.

He lives in the village of Bispham, just to the north of Blackpool, England's best known seaside resort.

An ex-professional photographer, John has been published in magazines such as SHE, Annabel, Weekend, The National Enquirer, The Field and numerous others.

He has worked in computerised information systems in colleges for over 15 years and won the NILTA National Award for services to CMIS in the UK Further Education Sector in 1999.

He currently works at Myerscough College and his style of photography and humour can be seen in many of the college's web pages.

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Haworth - Home of the Bronte Sisters
The footbridge over the line took us away from the railway and through the park back towards the village.

I seem to remember promising a closer look at the Apothecary!

It harks back to the days of quack medicines and herbal remedies when bottles were stoppered with cork.

The inside of the shop is crowded with people. Must be a lot of coughs about...

Ah yes, this is what we need!

Dr Nelson's Inhaler! Don't forget - water must be boiling and all liquids, volatile or not should be dropped on the sponge...

Outside, the street is as full as ever.

Folk are reinvigorated by the infusions from Dr Nelson's trusty piece of apparatus and form an orderly queue outside the chippy!

Just over the Lancashire border the now ruinous Wycoller Hall provided Charlotte Bronte with a model for Jane Eyre's Ferndean Manor.