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About the Brontes
The three Bronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne are widely known for their works of literature, written in Haworth over 150 years ago.

Their best-known works include Charlotte's Jane Eyre of 1847, Emily's Wuthering Heights of 1847 and Anne's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, published in 1848.

They were a family of six children and their brother Branwell also had works published, as indeed did their father, Patrick. He was born in County Down, Ireland and married Maria Branwell of Cornwall in 1812. The first two children, Maria and Elizabeth died in childhood.

The work of the Bronte sisters still inspires modern writers, artists and dramatists and there have been many stage, film and TV adaptations including musical versions of Wuthering Heights, starring Cliff Richard as Heathcliffe, and Kate Bush's titular debut single.

Recommended Bronte web sites are the Bronte Parsonage Museum itself and Bronte Country.

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Haworth - Home of the Bronte Sisters
High on the moors just on the Yorkshire side of the border with Lancashire, Haworth was the home of the three Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

As can be seen from the sky, I was wondering a bit whether coats would be a good idea, but the rain stayed away for this visit. This page is made from photos from two different occasions. It may just be possible to tell them apart...

The village has one or two reasons for visiting other than the literary connection. I'll get to them sooner or later!
The steep gradient of the high street retains its atmosphere and cobblestones from an age when motor cars were unheard of. Antique shops, tea rooms and a superb old fasioned apothecary shop that we shall peek into later.
The Bronte sisters came to Haworth because their father was the local reverend. None of them lived to any great age, but all produced books that have become classics of literature.
Haworth's church where the Bronte sisters' father, Patrick tended his parish. A sundial in the shape of a lucky horseshoe can be seen above near the foot of the tower to the left of the South doorway.

Reverend Patrick Bronte was incumbent of Haworth from 1829 to 1861 and his three daughters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, each became successful authors yet sadly each of them died before the age of 40.

The parsonage where they lived is now a museum. Their furniture and some of their belongings can be seen inside.