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John Burke's Paris 2000
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Sunday 25 June 2000
Now last year we were almost drowned and struck by lightning at the Palace of Versailles. Oh sorry, Chris - I'm interrupting!
Anyway the weather this year is glorious - so instead of dripping all over the inside, we'll have a look round the gardens!

Right: King Louis XIV (the statue).

Don't let the illusion of the Grand Perspective fool you (right).

The canal at the bottom is a full mile and a half long! See the pic below!

We laughed at the body builder show-offs doing exercises next to a young boy who was peeing into the canal... Left a bit... oh dear... no, no, not funny at all!
Looking back towards the house.

A hurricane in December 1999 had left its mark on parts of the gardens but not to any great detriment.

The fountains work for an hour and are fed through huge pipes. Classical music accompanies the display and different parts of the gardens work at different times.

We saw the Grand Perspective's fountains spring to life (pass the mouse over the picture to the right) and change the scene entirely. The fountains in the gardens to the sides of the Grand Perspective work later in the afternoon or at night.

Ok, have a play at making the fountains come and go and then we'll have a look at some of the other gardens on the walk back up to the palace.

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