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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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29 June 2003
We fly from Manchester to Italy, to Riva Di Garda or Riva Del Garda as the English have it.

Our hotel - the Portici - is behind the flags (left).

Riva Del Garda 30 June 2003
Our first day is a free day and we walk from Riva Di Garda across the top of Lake Garda to Torbole (tor-bole-ay).

Lake Garda is 3 kilometres wide at the northern end but 17km at the bottom.

It is extremely hot, but not as sticky as it would be in England!

We had a drink at the tables (right) and I started a sketch but abandoned it...!

Torbole. A regatta of wind surfers is under way and attracts a few spectators!

Drivers do not necessarily stop for people on a crossing in Italy!

Torbole sits on the north eastern corner of Lake Garda and had a small harbour.
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