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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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5 July 2003

Gardone, Lake Garda. The temps are up in the high 30s. Fran opts for the delicious latte machiatto but I've gone for an ice cold cola!

Whilst we were sat having the drinks I sketched the curve of the coast - well, lakeside but it seemed like a coast!

Christina said "I didn't know you were an artist! " but I said "Well you took us through the Red Light District too fast... "

Palm trees and pink blossomed trees line the edge of the lake.

We take a fast boat trip to Sirmione at the southern end of the lake.

It takes us close up to one of Garda's islands where the millionaires have their playground.
Far left: the boat moored in Sirmione

Left: with Christina who made our Amsterdam trip so much fun.

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