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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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30 June 2003
We are walking back to Riva, along the edge of Lake Garda. The Torrente Albola is a stream that trundles its way into the lake.
We stopped at a small cafe by the lake and had a drink. I had a beer and Fran had a coke and we both had a sandwich.
The birds were extremely tame and would come and take a crumb out of your hand.

Some would sit on the rail and just lean to take it from my thumb and forefinger.

As can be seen from the pic of Fran in the cafe: she had a suntan from the week before back home. The different shaped T-shirts were to have a stripey effect...

Whilst we had our dinner I sketched the view across a corner of the lake towards Riva.

If you want to be pernicketty and compare with the actual view, the photo is two rows up...!

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