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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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1 July 2003
We are heading up the mountain on a cable car.

Denise is afraid of heights and sat in the corner looking inwards.

Wherever we were - it wasn't listed on the itinery - it had trams!
Lucille, our guide, said we had a train to ourselves, much to the disgust of the Germans, who were waiting close to the tracks, ready to jump on!
Finally we arrived at a very busy tavern where we had a meal. A drink was included. I had a beer, but a wine would have been more liquid...

Fed but not watered, we set off walking.

The Renon sandstone pyramids.

Kell said "We have something similar in New Zealand and it's the same thing. You see them, say 'Yup...' and walk away again! "

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