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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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2 July 2003
Another early morning look at Riva before we hit the roads to go to Venice.

We head into an industrial area to get a ferry into the city.

Lucille was once again our guide for the day, though once in Venice we had some free time to ourselves. First though we had to find the gondolas on the waterfront!
Right: we find the gondolas! Kell and Denise had the back seats whilst Fran and I were on the side. Terry, who shared our dining table was also on a side seat whilst James was at the front and took the pic, right.
Under the famous Bridge of Sighs which leads from the Doges Palace to the prison.

We wanted the gondolier to sing to us but... "Oh - I don't sing! " he laughed.

He told us being a gondolier was not so hard as when all goods were carried this way.

The gondola ride lasted around half an hour and with six of us cost 15 Euros each.

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