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 John Burke's   Riva Del Garda, 2003
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2 July 2003
We are finishing off our gondola trip in Venice.

I almost sang the ice cream advert version of "Oh Sole Mio" but was threatened with walking the plank...

After the gondala we have free time. We wandered as a group to St Marks Square and then all went our seperate ways for an hour or two.
St Marks basilica is magnificent. We didn't think we had time to go inside though or we would not have seen anything else.
We had our first pizza of the week - by now my italian was improved enough to order food without having to hope the waiters spoke english!
Then for a wander. This street led to a little bridge that led to... the inside of a shop... we had to turn back!

Fran didn't want to look at the shops in the arcade but I insisted...

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